How to tune a recorder?

It can happen that you need to tune your recorder. Such a situation can be for example when you would like to play duet with another instrument.

To be able to do so you should follow the undermentioned steps:

1. Blow a note “A” with both instruments separately.
2. Meanwhile listen to it carefully which of the instruments is higher.
3. Pull the head of the higher instrument a little apart. You should now receive a lower tone.
4. Check again together with the other instrument, with blowing a note “A”. If there is still no match, try to adjust the head of the instrument so that it finally matches (pull it more apart if it was not enough, or push it back if the first pull was too much). 

NOTE! If you pull it apart you will receive lower tone (as the size of the whole instrument will be increased), and if you push it back you will receive higher tone. That is the reason why you cannot tune the lower instrument, because normally you cannot push it more back than the basic position. 

Parts of the recorder

The soprano recorder consists of 3 main parts. The head joint (with the mouth piece), the middle joint (with the main wholes we will use) and the bottom joint (with the shape of a bell).

  • The pipe of the head joint and the whole of the middle joint should be on the same line. Make sure you have adjusted them properly. 

  • The bottom joint should be located a bit aside, so that it is easier for the little finger to reach those wholes.

How to hold a soprano recorder

In this video I will show you the correct holding and positioning of a soprano recorder.

  • Hold your recorder in a 45 degree angle in front of you!

  • Only the tip of the mouth piece should be in your mouth to cover the hole. Not more than that!

  • Sit with a straight back, your shoulders should be loose. Do not cramp!