Thumb rest accessorie

This little piece of plastic can help your right thumb to be placed at the right spot. If your right hand always rides up bothering your left hand, you should use this to help you locate your fingers.

Cleaning stick

You should clean your recorder after every single use at least with a cleaning stick. You can also use warm water to clean it, but this is a faster method as you don’t need to wait until it dries.

Checklist before you start

Here is a checklist before you start playing on your recorder. If you have already acquired all the knowledge I list in this video, you are ready to go forward and continue with further videos and learn songs! 😉

How to count music

This video below is about some counting of music and rhythm types. It can be useful to come closer to music theory of rhythms. If you are not interested in that, just go for learning songs. I will explain everything that are necessary in those videos as well. 

How to read music

Finally some material about how to read sheets of music. Useful if you would like to learn new songs on your own and you have the music sheet.