Lesson 1

Congratulations and welcome
in your 1st lesson! 🙂


My name is Petra, and I would like to welcome you at the 1st lesson of my free online recorder course!

Today we are going to start with some basic knowledge about the recorder.

Don’t worry, we are going to play easy songs soon, but first you need to acquire some basic knowledge before we step forward. 🙂

Attention! Some people warned me that they did not receive the second lesson. If you don’t find the next lesson within 24 hours, please check the promotions and spam folders as well.

Your first lesson is about the parts of the recorder!

As a next step, find out how to hold a soprano recorder:

And to end today’s lesson, let’s learn the breathing technique:

Don’t forget to practice at least 15 minutes per day to improve your knowledge with a great pace! I am going to send you the next lesson tomorrow! 🙂

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Lots of children and adults have learnt their favourite songs with my help.
Many kindergarten and elementary school teachers are studying from my videos to successfully pass their recorder exam. 🙂

Based on her unique website, she was the best choice for my 6 year old son. She has shown the basics of recorder and her teaching technique through video stream. Her personality and teaching style persuaded me immediately. ”

Philip’s mother

I am glad that despite of the shy begininng, she gave me confidence and gifted me with the joy of playing an instrument, that I missed for 15 years. I would encourage everyone, that it is never too late to start/restart, because nothing is comparable to the the joy of music making. ”

– Zita

Petra gave my daughters the experince of joyful music making and supported their studies in a music-based elementary school. Thanks to her they perform very well and had the opportunity to choose an additional instrument. During the past years, we all became attached to her personality. ” 

– Mother of Bori

She endeared the instrument playfully through well-known children ‘s songs with my son. Petra was also really creative when it came to reading sheets of music. My daughter started to learn playing the recorder at the age of 5. Both of them adore Petra and love attending her lessons. “

– Sonya’s mother 

She plays beautiful, and she always finds the way to feel the rhythm or a tune, even when it is a bit more difficult. I think she makes the best out of me for which I am really glad. “

– Annie

Our younger daughter was confident enought to show her recorder knowledge in front of other children after six months of learning with Petra.
Our older daughter frequently organizes home performances with her sister, and as she has become a really good player, she could play solo at the Christmas school performance.”

– Veronica’s mother

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