How to play and blow the recorder

Practice the blowing technique enough. Use a gentle air stream with continuous airflow. At the beginning this is the most difficult for a beginner.

  • If you blow it too sharp, it will result in an unpleasant sound. You should use gentle technique to receive musical tones.

  • Also watch my video about the correct breathing technique, this will help

You should also learn the correct tonguing. The above video will help you do that. You should first start every tone with the articulation ‘too’. Your tongue should hit the roof of your mouth when starting a tone.

  • This will provide a clear and firm airstream which makes the tone clean.

The first note you should try is the note ‘B’. For this you need to cover the back hole with your left thumb, and the first hole of the middle joint with your left pointer. With you right thumb balance your recorder. Now try to blow it with the articulation ‘too’.

  • If the tone is not pleasant for your ears, make sure you have covered all the holes properly and your fingers are flat.

  • Another reason can be that you blow your recorder with too much air and too hard.

  • Practice note ‘B’ until you are confident about it.

  • Be careful not to say ‘too’ out loud. It is just a tonguing technique. to receive the proper tones.