Beginner Songs III.

It's Time To Learn The Most Beautiful Songs On Recorder!

Unique Efficient Method ● No Need For Talent ● For All Ages

I teach you directly, how to play songs on your recorder!

With my unique teaching method, you can learn to play songs with joy instead of studying boring music theory.

There is no need for previous knowledge, talent or perfect hearing

It’s an easy-to-learn method designed for hobby players! This way the improvement can be much faster.

What would it feel like to have your friends notice what you are playing?

It can be a nice feeling, when your friends tell you, how well you are playing! Make your day better with music.

3 steps to learn your favourite songs on recorder

Begin step by step, starting with the easiest notes and songs, so that you remain enthusiastic during the whole process.

We focus on learning songs easily and I explain precisely and show it to you on figures:

  1. How to hold the recorder
  2. Where to put your fingers and how to move them
  3. How to blow the recorder

With my special method you can become a great hobby player.

I will show you the easiest and fastest way to to play specific songs alongside with the useful fingerings and blowing techniques.

I teach you only the neccessary stuff! 🙂

Learn in your own speed! Slow down, stop or even replay the videos as many times as you want.

Improve your knowledge whenever and wherever you are.

You decide on your free time and capacity.

There is no need to travel, you will attend my courses in your home,. The videos can be slowed down, stopped, continued or even replayed at anytime. 

Many children and adults have learnt their favourite songs with my online video courses. Thousands of kindergarten and school teachers are passing their exams with my courses. 🙂

Based on her unique website, she was the best choice for my 6 year old son. She has shown the basics of recorder and her teaching technique through video stream. Her personality and teaching style persuaded me immediately. ”

Philip’s mother


I am glad that despite of the shy begininng, she gave me confidence and gifted me with the joy of playing an instrument, that I missed for 15 years. I would encourage everyone, that it is never too late to start/restart, because nothing is comparable to the the joy of music making. ”

– Zita

Petra gave my daughters the experince of joyful music making and supported their studies in a music-based elementary school. Thanks to her they perform very well and had the opportunity to choose an additional instrument. During the past years, we all became attached to her personality. ” 

– Mother of Bori

She endeared the instrument playfully through well-known children ‘s songs with my son. Petra was also really creative when it came to reading sheets of music. My daughter started to learn playing the recorder at the age of 5. Both of them adore Petra and love attending her lessons. “

– Sonya’s mother 

She plays beautiful, and she always finds the way to feel the rhythm or a tune, even when it is a bit more difficult. I think she makes the best out of me for which I am really glad. “

– Annie

Our younger daughter was confident enought to show her recorder knowledge in front of other children after six months of learning with Petra. 
Our older daughter frequently organizes home performances with her sister, and as she has become a really good player, she could play solo at the Christmas school performance.”

– Veronica’s mother

Get to Know My No.1 Course, Which Revolutionized the Way To Become A Hobby Recorder-Player.

The songs you will learn from this course:

Hush – a – Bye Hot Cross Buns (Key of D) Yankee Doodle Largo II. (key of D) Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee (Ode to Joy) Long legged sailor He Is Born Frosty Weather Down came a lady Red Sails Ice Cream, Soda Band of Angels

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How To Hold Notes - Fingerings Booklet PDF (printable)

How to hold each note? You won’t need to look it up anymore, this professional and useful booklet will be there for you anytime!



Most Common Rhythms Booklet - PDF (printable)

What is the meaning of the different signs? Even children can understand them easily with the help of this booklet. I explain them in a playful, down-to earth manner. 



How to START playing the recorder? /Checklist/
- PDF (printable)

How to start practising?

The checklist contains all the important steps before starting the daily practice. With this catchy guide, you or your child can start the proper practice on his own!



Rhythm Exercises 1-2-3 with extra listening - MP3+PDF (audio + printable)

These exercises help you improve your sense of rhythm and teach new types of rhythms.

Once you learnt them from the PDF file, you can check your knowledge and practice with the audio file as well.

This is the best way to improve your skills.

Don’t miss it out! 😉

I committed myself to lead you through
an enjoyable learning path...

Check it out how I teach in the videos :

I am aware that you would like to learn songs, without too much unnecessary theory.

My goal is to teach you your favourite songs in the shortest possible time. There is no need for previous knowledge in connection with music, neither to have absolute hearing.

I composed my courses in a way, that even absolute beginners with no sense of hearing can become hobby recorder players. 

Check out my courses:

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Imagine what would it feel like in the near future, when you or your child practices, others suddenly step into the room and ask:
"Was that played by you? I know that song...." 🙂

Unique Efficient Method ● No Need For Talent ● For All Ages

The value of the whole course
is over 990 USD. How come?

The knowledge and material covered by my videos is the normal material for 2 semesters / 1 year of music school. When you visit a private teacher, it costs you at least 80 dollars / month or even more. Then add to this the price of the sheets of music and the cost of travelling. 

If you calculate one year:

These all together add up to 990 USD.

The preparation of these materials cost me thousands of dollars due to the 150+ hours of video recording for the perfect quality, studio rental with full HD cameras and loud speakers, the cost of the video cutting, the designers, the webpage developer and the integration of the CRM and payment system. However, as my determined goal is to teach as many people as possible to play the recorder, I have calculated a really good price for my course. 

Moreover, just the bonus materials are worth 45 USD!

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Beginner Songs III.

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Frequent misunderstandings that hold people back from starting to play the recorder

Clumsy finders? Difficult coordination?

No problem, I will help you with some easy excercises that I show in the videos. Your fingers will get used to the different fingerings.
Even if you are above 60!

No perfect sense of hearing?

There is no need for perfect sense of hearing and talent to play the recorder on a basic hobby level. I had students who were said to be unskillful by their previous teachers in music school, and succeeded with my courses due to my positive experience-oriented technique and mindset!

You are interested in playing songs rather than learning music theory?
You are at the best place! 😉

I will teach you playing the recorder in the fastest possible way without unuseful music theories. Only the necessary knowledge, fingerings, new rhythms in connection with specific songs.

Stressful life?
No money for private teacher?

You can relax and have
a nice time practicing your lessons.
You don't need to visit a private teacher and spend hundreds of dollars, if you cannot afford that. With my online recorder course you can acquire the basics with a positive experience!

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